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Coolbinia Krantz and Sheldon

P6210060P6210059P6210058Thanks to George Sheldon, in the comments below for this update. Not an Iwanoff, but he was part of the project team. Rather, it is the Kamien house by Krantz & Sheldon, Architects. Robert Sheldon and Iwan Iwanoff worked on the project. Takes a similiar approach to siting as the Golovin house, which rises against the slope,   and the same large single pitch roof is used. The entry detail, a curved semi enclosed portico, protruding out the side of the building is great.


Golovin House

p3060342p3060345p3060346This is the Golovin house in Mt Lawley designed in 1959 by Iwan Iwanoff. One of his earlier more straightforward modern pieces, before he started with the concrete blocks. But I use straightforward in the loosest sense, as this is an extraordinary house. The way it is sited on a tough slope, nestled into the side, and connected to the street via bridge is fantastic, and very much in keeping with contemporary practice at the time. The single long run roof pitch is also an excellent detail, it gives the house a sense of scale and  a ‘big’ grand presence that belies its otherwise rather small size. Kate Hislop has written an excellent article on the house, I forget where. Anyway, amazing place.

Hi Fidelity Recording Studio

pc040477pc0404751pc040476This is a Hi-Fidelity recording studio in Fremantle designed by Iwan Iwanoff in 1978. It now looks to be empty. But at least it is still there! Restrained use of concrete block, unfortunatley painted, and very similiar to the shops in Shenton Park. Basic spin on a classic warehouse/factory type, but interesitng none the less. It has an atrium. That is cool!

Burszyten House

pb170380pb170379pb170381Another Iwanoff house in Dianella, this time from 1969, an early project exploring concrete block. It is an interesting project because it bridges the gap of his earlier straight froward modern work, and his later experiments with concrete block. The form is similiar to the early houses, and the material is of the later stuff. Very interesting. De De Ce have an intersting article about the house somewhere on the net.


pb170376pb170377pb170378Here is another excellent example of Iwan Iwanoffs residential work, incorporating concrete blocks. This one is a lot more subtle than some others, but  I love the restraint. Beautiful rectangular prism floating above the ground plane, and sliding past the hill over the driveway, the stairs leading up are beautifully light yet strong and the assyemtrical facade is wonderful. The screen on the right conceals the entry way which is a right hook up from the stairs. The sculptural qualities of the boundary wall down the drive and behind the letterbox are astounding. Very nice.

Kessel House

pb170365pb170364pb170366pb170367pb170374pb170375pb170368pb170369pb170370pb170371pb170373This is the Kessel house designed by Iwan Iwanoff in 1975, in Dianella. It is an amazing house, with a spectacular use of concrete blocks. I wont say much about the house, there is too much for me to say, and I would not do it i justice in such a short amount of space. There is a great feature on it in the book, 50/60/70 iconic Australian house by Karen Mccartney. It is a beautiful house, in amazing condition, mostly original, with an addition by Elischer out the back. As with most, especially later, Iwanoff works, it draws on classical themes and features, and mixes them with typical(or not so) modern detailing.The cabinet work is beyond jaw dropping. Luckily I got to go inside, the current owner was exceptionally nice and let us around, and is doing a fantastic job with keeping the house in amazing condition. They have probably the best furniture/design collection I have possibly seen too. Its great to see such an amazing structure not going to waste.

Marsala house

sfsfsaaapb170359pb170362pb170360This is the Marsala house in Dianella designed in 1976 by Iwan Iwanoff. It is amongst the most inventive and original houses in Perth, and Australia.  The way it interacts with the surrounds, the shadows that are created and  how it responds in our light, is perfect. It belongs in WA, nowhere else. Truly a masterpiece.