East Perth Train Station


The East Perth Train Station was designed by Forbes and Fitzhardinge in 1969. This is one of the best example of large scale public architecture in the state. It is also one of the most polarising buildings here, you either love it, or hate it . This  building is one the best examples of  brutalism in the state/Australia, along with the Hale Memorial Hall, Deaf School and the Concert Hall. It is an original, and appropriately West Australian structure that demands attention and consideration.  It  also looks like an aircraft carrier.


6 responses to “East Perth Train Station

  1. the worm holes are brilliant

  2. The worm holes always remind me of the pompidou centre.
    Your photos are fantastic.

  3. I have just discovered your site – through “Perth’s Worst”.

    I’m impressed with much of what you have done yet I must must MUST disagree with you on this one.

    East Perth Railway Station, while it has its good points on the inside, has to be the single most ugly public building in Perth when viewed from the outside! It is even worse than the House of a Thousand Bathtubs on the corner of St Geo Tce and Vic Ave! It has no aesthetic qualities, it makes no pretence of fitting with the environment, it stands like a monolithic Jabba The Hutt, dominating its surroundings (and there are some beautiful surrounding buildings) with its unfeeling brutality!

  4. archiearchive FCD [it makes no pretence of fitting with the environment,] WHat environment do you anticipate it is supposed to fit into? THe freeway or the cement works further up? As you approach it along the Graham Farmer it appears as if it is a sea liner about to sail off, or an aircraft carrier as mentioned, which is totally ‘fitting’ given its function as a travel terminus. I love how it provides different devices to shade its windows from the sun. Look again I say.

  5. I feel the building engages quite beautifully with the environment. It’s a wonderful study of human scale design repeated and arrayed. Each facade studies a single window and how it should be welcome or block the sun and is then repeated across the height and breadth of the facade resulting in a wonderful texture that speaks as much about the massive city scale as it does for the individual behind a single window. The result is a different treatment to each facade, as it should be. Then the real wonder in the building is the revealed as you move past it and and each face shifts and changes. Or if you stand and watch it – as the sun moves.
    While in the Brutalist style it’s wonderfully considered and has a beauty that is both delicate and confronting at the same time.

    to say it doesn’t fit into it’s environment would be akin to deriding Urulu for spoiling the desert.

  6. If you think this building adresses human scale you must be MASSIVE

    It is an interesting building, kind of heroic – built for a golden age that may never come!

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