Public Furniture


This is just a real quick addition, an awesome example of late modern public furniture, this time in fremantle, great use of brutal forms and aggregate mix results in a stunning piece of design. sadly they are all slowly going or being destroyed. shame!


4 responses to “Public Furniture

  1. I know this doesnt refer to the bin photo above but I refer to the Zaha Hadid interview by Lynn Barber in this weekends australian, which I thought to be a very average interview of a quite outstanding architect and to me only shows that lynn barbers writing [as well many others in the australian] is mediocre and I’m inclined to think that she’s from an upper class socio economic background as well being a very well connected female that has a good series of networking mates into the newspaper industry [a bit like those other self-congratulatory people on worst of perth actually] as well she must surely do other services on the side in order to get published.

    And I dont mean that she gives blow jobs to the editor or anything like that. But I do think that possibly she has other talents like say maybe she has a plumbers ticket and her boss gets her to go round and fix his plumbing whenever he’s got trouble, for free, or maybe she’s done a mechanics certificate and he gets her to keep up the tuning of his collection of old classics down in the garage at the bottom of the garden estate, or possibly she has a degree in bricklaying and every now and then she must oblige her boss with building the odd back patio or similar odd jobs in and round the mansion.

    Who knows, but one thing I do know is she aint no talent as writer. Mediocre to average interview of a very outstanding architect for sure. Albeit even if Zaha is revealed as a somewhat bleating ‘blame it on the old boys network’ and slightly hypocritical in that she doesnt even hire many fellow female architects in her own practice owing to the fact in her own words ‘when these have babies they take too long to get back into the run of things’.

  2. And must commentate on the newly completed portrait gallery in canberra, again realizing that it is not in perth but typically this type of architecture abounds all over the country now and has for a long time. Have referred to it before on ‘worst of self-congratulatory small-minded perth’.
    I’m talking off this penchant or rather obbsession with rectangular box-like minimalist geometry, that however feminist and determined to fit or blend in with australia’s environment it really plainly makes boring architecture, en masse.

    Forgodsakes I wish aussies [architects] could get over this insipid need to make such meek and mild terribly unostentatious public architecture all the time. However politically or philosophically correct it may appear, it is so boring.
    And I’ll specify here that i mean all the, geometric rectangular square box-like statements that do not necessarily express the ‘all’ of this continent.

    We need not only a zaha but a calatrava, a gehry some morphosis as well others to help australian architecture break this puritanical archi-sensibility that we seem to have fallen into. And is in some ways not as creative as we’d like to believe that it is. This box added onto box thing we have done add infinitum, and now can we please have some curvaceous really tactile architecture that makes use of our wonderful stone and wood not just cement and steel and glass.

  3. Contemporary Perth, Australian architecture in many ways just encapsulates the anal retentive puritanical class based culture that we’ve become.

  4. And in all honesty the new Perth Arena stadium along wellington st., where the carpark used to be is really little more than a plundering of Daniel libeskinds architectural style.

    They should have just commissioned him to come up with a design.

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