Another Bus stop.

This picture was kindly sent in by Lazy Aussie, of Perths Worst. And worst this bus stop aint! Located in the hills, this a fantastic example if publci furniture design. So space age, yet translated into  cheap, readily available materials. Cheap, yet it still works, looks fantastic and totally cosmic.  I think what strikes me about this so much is imagination. It is a fantastic vision, a great little folly and excercise in testing design boundaries, yet it is easy to make and cheap.  Letting nothing get in the way of your vision. Unlike a lot of todays insipid and uninspired public furniture, this shows what you can do with imagination, creativity and an industrious mindset.  Think what you could do with the budget allocated these days. Public design that tests boundaries. Brilliant.


2 responses to “Another Bus stop.

  1. This is outside my parents’ house in Gooseberry Hill, and has been there for at least 40 years now. Despite looking a little tatty, it is still doing its job as well as it ever has. It used to be shiny unpainted galv. You are right. Simple, inexpensive but the right solution. They are still around in kalamunda, lesmurdie and foothills. They may only be “native” to these areas. Would be interesting to know who designed them.

  2. Anonymous Perthon

    They are some of the best bus stops EVER, bloody noisy inside when it rains though

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